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Singapore’s mobile data usage is amongst the highest in the world, a statistic that has pushed telcos to create more and more cost-effective mobile plans to suit our evolving lifestyle needs. SIM-Only Plans is on the rise! Choosing SIM-Only Plan means greater quantity of data, more flexibility, and more freedom! Many believe SIM-Only Plans are the best option for saving money. Here’s why:

SIM-Only Plan is for people who enjoy freedom.
SIM-Only mobile plans are popular for their cheap upfront costs and customisable plans. You do not have to lock yourself up in a fixed contract, and neither are you expected to buy a device alongside your mobile plan.

SIM-Only Plan is for those who already have a phone.
Often, SIM-Only Plans that require you to buy a retail phone can actually be cheaper than the full fixed contract package. If you already have a phone and are just in need of a mobile SIM, the SIM-Only Plan may be your best option.

SIM-Only Plan is best if you like to save money.
SIM-Only Plans allow you to pay for just the SIM card and a month's worth of data, this means pricey cancellation fees don't apply to SIM-Only Plan customers. If your goal is to save money, then SIM-Only Plan is for you.
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